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Tour Description:


DAY 1 :In Airport welcome and accommodation
* Rest and free time
* Panoramic city tour
* Dinner introducing Ottoman cuisine at a local restaurant (hummus, stuffed dried eggplant, arugula salad etc)

We arrive at this authentic Turkish village of Cumalıkızık with its cobbled streets dating back to the early founding periods of
the five hundred-century Ottoman Empire. Cumalıkızık, which is very impressive with its well-preserved old colorful houses
and authentic village environment where you will see the examples of civil architecture of the early rural period of the
Ottoman Empire, is still a place for historical films today.. After the local village breakfast, where we will taste different
tastes, we walk around the village. We visit Ethnography Museum and Art House, Cin Aralığı Street, (the narrowest street in
the world according to rumor), Cumalıkızık Mosque, Cumalıkızık Bath and Zekiye Hatun Fountain in the village square.*
Local village breakfast * Jam making workshop * Village market selling local handmade products (jam, pickles, noodles,
tarhana, fresh fruit, chestnuts etc.)

Then we head to Inegol. it’s with fame spread to Turkey will experience the Inegol meatballs.

Oylat Waterfall and Cave with natural beauties

We even go to the village of Kulaca to experience and taste the production of tomato paste even exported to the Netherlands.

Dinner in a local restaurant where we taste local flavor
DAY 3: We are head to Trilye. We start our tour in this charming olive town, whose roots go back very far and still reflect
the architecture and taste of life of the past, by having a local breakfast in Camlıkahve. Çamlıkahve is the most popular place
of Trilye, built on a cliff overlooking Trilye. It is the most beautiful place to have breakfast in Tirilye, with its vast sea and
Trilye roofs. On weekends people come here to make breakfast spreading, because the location, the ambiance is really

Trilye is one of the most beautiful secrets of Bursa. Trilye, a little bruise, a little bohemian, a little fairy tale. In Tirilye there
is food, history, scenery, sea, but we liked the side of you that rests and slows down as if you were swinging in a hammock.
We made the pleasure of raki fish and sealed the peace of it thoroughly.. Tirilye definitely takes that bohemian spirit from the
wind ornaments that pass in front of the doors, some of which have been restored and some of them have been defeated by
time.. .In general 2 - 3 floors, wooden or stone 150 - 200 years traditional houses Ottoman - Greek synthesis. There are
important religious buildings left from the Greeks in and around Tirilye. Three monasteries, seven churches, three holy
springs and the Orthodox Greek cemetery. The fact that such a dense religious structure is seen in a small place like Tirilye is
an indication that this place is of religious importance.. This is an old church from the 7th century Byzantine, formerly
Hagios Stephanos. In 1560, the minaret and mihrab were added to the church and its name was Fatih Mosque. Tirilye is one
of the buildings that attract attention when you look at the harbor from the top, because it is one of the buildings that have not
been destroyed even though it has been converted into a mosque.. Beside Fatih Mosque, by Yavuz Sultan Selim was built the
Hamam is one of the important historical buildings.

Trilye Fatih Mosque, an ancient Greek settlement, the Kemerli Church, whose walls have been painted for the first time in
history, the Dündar House (Yohannes Church), an old church building, and the Stone School, which was formerly built as the
Priest School, served as a school until the 1980s. After lunch we take our lunch at the fish restaurant on the beach.
This is an old fishing village, and they make all kinds of fish great, we have no words. But there's a reason, especially if we
insist on barbun. Throughout history, it is famous with barbun. Trilye's name comes from the Greek name of the barbun,

Note: Another hypothesis about the origin of the name of Tirilye is that it comes from the Greek word of 3 priests. It is
known that three priests who were excommunicated because they wanted to bring frescoes to Christianity settled here.

Olive Oil Workshop and Tasting
The olive of Tirilye is also famous. It was once known in the world as Trilye olives.. Especially table olivesTrillian people
also earn a living from olives. In fact, the name of the region, because of the olive economy here in the 60s has become
Zeytinbağı Now again Tirilye. Olive oil production and tasting will be experienced. We don't go without trying olive cologne

Then we head to Bursa city center. Visit to the "gastronomic bazaar" and pide meatball workshop. Historical Kayhan Bazaar
The mystical atmosphere of the 600-year-old bazaar attracts visitors to the bazaar. Today, the market, where pide meatball
shops are the majority, is one of the regions worth seeing in Bursa with its historical heritage and its delicacies. Pide
meatballs have a history of 250 years.

** Tasting of chestnut sugar and hurma dessert

DAY 4 :Local village breakfast and gozleme making and tasting in historic Çınar

* Han Area in UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE LIST: (Koza Han, Fidan Han, Pirinç Han, İpek Han, Emir Han, Geyve Han,
Galle Han, Çukur (Kütahya) Han, Kapan Han, Tuz Han)
*Sultan complexes in UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE LIST (Hüdavendigar (I. Murad) complex, Yıldırım (I. Bayezid)
complex, Yeşil (I. Mehmed) complex, Muradiye (II. Murad) complex
Turkish Coffee Making and Tasting in Kozahan

*Dinner in a local restaurant where you can experience local flavour

DAY 5 :Tasting and baking of breads prepared with traditional Anatolian wheat and cooked with the most traditional methods.
Breakfast consists of roasted toast in bazlama , bashful garlic and green onion mıhlama, home-made tomato paste,
vegetable pancakes , breakfast sauces and many other local products
We are heading towards the museum city Gölyazı, which has an important place in the history of Christianity. On the
shore of Lake Uluabat (Apollont) we arrive at Gölyazı, which offers a unique beauty where nature and history meet
together. Its historical atmosphere, lush nature, warm chat village women, veteran fishing uncles of the lush lake will
fascinate us. Gölyazı is among the places we will visit; Gölyazı Culture House, Lake Writing House, Weeping Sycamore
will be. Experience the delicious tastes of lake fish in the village of Gölyazı
Sheet pan for dinner: A delicious meat dish that is baked in a stone oven for 4 minutes. Served next to the , white
cheese-looking pan yoghurt, baked onion, fresh red pepper baked in the season, butter, bread, paste and pickles are

legendary on their own. Possibility to experience the Kemalpaşa dessert and pumpkin dessert.

DAY 6 :Then we will visit Hagia Sophia Museum,green Mosque, İznik Museum (Nilüfer Hatun İmareti), Sheikh Kudbeddin
Mosque, Tile Excavation Area. We'll give free time by the lake. Afterwards, we continue our tour by seeing the remains
of the Roman Period and the Ancient Theater (Panoramic). We visit Süleyman Paşa Madrasah and Tile Workshops and
participate in pickled olive making workshop. We are heading to Bursa villager market tour and cheese market..

*Dinner in a local restaurant where you can experience local flavor
. Bursa is a 1000 year old Turkish city:
The first capital of the Ottoman Empire, Bursa, which is famous for its greenery, magnificent nature, ski centers and
historical mosques, is one of the most important cities of the country in terms of culinary culture. Because Bursa cuisine
is famous for its proximity to palaces. It takes inspiration from Ottoman traditions hundreds of years ago.
Especially during the Ottoman Empire, the star shone.
The blended culture and interaction of the Central Asian and Anatolian lands is clearly evident in this kitchen. Same
time, Bursa cuisine has a wide range ranging from olive oil to meat dishes and from fish to dessert.
Bursa cuisine has a rich tradition in terms of ingredients and recipes Among the most important food are:
• İskender kebab: İskender kebab is one of them. Although the story of Alexander's food goes back to much older
history, the story of the food begins in 1867 at the Kayhan Bazaar. It is the beginning of iskender's dinner when
Mehmet Efendi and his son Iskender Usta bring the meat passed to the horizontal bottle to the present form by
heating it in vertical position and from the side. This method, which was realized at that time, is considered the
ancestor of the world famous iskender and doner dishes..
• Inegol meatballs
• Kemalpaşa dessert made from village cheese.
• Pumpkin dessert
• Chestnut Candy: Chestnut candy made from famous chestnut on the skirts of Uludağ is made from chestnuts boiled
in sugared sherbet. Varieties of chestnut candies are among the local flavors of Bursa.
• Baghdad Hurma Dessert
• Turkish Appetizers
• Olive
• Olive oil
• Mahalic cheese
• Meatballs with Pide
• Turkish delight filled with walnut
• Simit
• Cantık
• Tahinli pide
• Gözlem
• Sea fish (Barbun
• Lake fish
• Saç tava
Many of these flavors has spread beyond the boundaries of bursa and throughout Turkey.
What will you experience?
• Organic Market Tour

• Cheese Bazaar Tour Cheese Tasting
• Presentation of kinds of spices
• Olive making workshop
• Olive oil squeezing workshop and tasting of different quality oils
• Street food tours
• Turkish coffee making and tasting
• Experienced professionals to guide you
• Possibility to learn the secrets of Turkish cuisine from the best masters
• Delicious food only in local and quality restaurants
• Kebab cooking lesson
• Gastronomic Bazaar Tour
• Iskender Kebab Lunch
• Peasant market tour
• Village breakfasts
• Tasting of hurma dessert
• Chestnut sugar tasting
• Jam making workshop
• Bread making and tasting
• Tasting of Gözleme
• 6 night accommodation
• Airport transfers
Festivals Available by Tour Schedule
Cumalıkızık Raspberry Festival
Date: 13.07.2019 14.07.2019
Fuat Saka Tirilye Olive Festival
Date: 28.07.2019 29.07.2019
22nd Gürsu Culture, Art and Pear Festival
Date: 11.08.2019 13.08.2019
10th International Iznik Festival
Date: 17.08.2019 20.08.2019
6th International Golden Pepper Festival Yenişehir
Date: 05.09.2019 08.09.2019
19th Osmangazi Black Fig Festival
Date: 09.09.2019 11.09.2019
7. Akçalar Fig Festival
Date: 16.09.2019
40th Orhangazi Olive Festival
Address: Bursa Orhangazi
Date: 07.11.2019 10.11.2019