Detailed Tour Program


Tour Description:

DAY 1:Welcome At The Airport And Settling İn The HoteL
* Rest And Free Time
* Panoramic City Tour
* Dinner in a local restaurant introducing the Ottoman palace cuisine (Tava gras, Mamzana, mutancana, Edirne Cheese,, trilice etc,)
Edirne, is established in fertile soil. The city of Edirne has been the capital of the Ottoman Empire for 88 years. Edirne is a city that has more
than 600 monuments and presents the most special tastes to the palace cuisine. In the two fields of the road leading to the city, the sunflowers
turned to the sun. This landscape tells you how to reach a peaceful city.

DAY 2: Selimiye Mosque is on the list of world heritage.mosque and complex
After breakfast we are heading towards Selimiye mosque.
2.selim was built the mosque in his own name., When Mimar Sinan was 90 years old, he built the mosque., selimiye mosque is one of the
most important works of the Ottoman Empire, not only Edirne.. Selimiye Mosque Breathtaking, unexplainable, and the work of another
realm The Old Mosque is an exquisite Ottoman mosque, which was built in the period of Fetret and completed in 1414. ... Stone carvings,
the reverse tulip motif in one of the marble feet of the muezzin mahfil will increase your admiration for its unique dome.. We will visit the
Old Mosque after our Liver Workshop


Selimiye Mosque is a large complex that must be seen with its complex a closed bazaar on the southwest side of the mosque, with more than

120 shops right at the bottom. The stalls, are decorated with scented soaps dating back to the Ottoman times, Ottoman motifs and city-
specific flavors. One of the favorite tastes of the Ottoman palace cuisine: Hosgüvar cookie ingredients, are marzipan, Kavala cookie,

Pistachio, almond, honey and saffron and There are forty one kinds of spices in devai misk.
Our first stop in Edirne. ; The masterpiece of Mimar Sinan, who fascinates people with his glory, Selimiye Mosque, which has a unique
architectural property,, After visiting the mosque's Külliye and Arasta we are making a liver feast LIVER WORKSHOP.

Edirne Leaf Liver:
Edirne Leaf Liver is prepared by cutting the veal liver in a thin form and immersing it in wheat flour.
as metarial are used Beef cattle reared in Edirne region and wheat flour belonging to this region. During the service, fried and naturally dried
red pepper belonging to Edirne region is used.. Although it seems to be easy to prepare and to cook, it is a dish that requires skillThe bitter
pointed peppers dried by natural methods are served with Edirne liver by frying in sunflower oil.At the same time, with Edirne liver are
served hot sauce, onions and tomatoes

Old mosque: The old mosque, with its 600 years of history and its architecture, has a different atmosphere with its multi-domed structure,
columns and vaults, and examples of calligraphy on the walls and columns. Here is a carefully preserved rostrum the memory of Hacı
Bayram Veli and the Kaaba Stone brought from the Kaaba.
We make our lunch with Edirne's famous liver .after the lunch we visit the Old Mosque. After a short walk in the Bedesten Bazaar, which
attracts attention with its 14 domes, we visit Uç Şerefeli Mosque and walk among the wooden houses of Kaleiçi. We visit the Edirne Turkish
and Islamic Arts Museum and go to the past among the ruins of Edirne Palace, which was established on the banks of Tunca River...
When we head south from the regiment square, the palace cuisine comes to Matbah-ı Amire. This place is especially popular in Edirne for
those who go on gastronomy tour. As soon as we see this kitchen in the palace area, it is impossible not to understand the importance of the
Ottomans in the culinary culture. This splendid eight-domed building reflects the deep, rich and immense past of the food culture
Visiting Matbah-ı Amire, where the famous delicacies of the Ottomans appeared, makes people more curious; delicious meat dishes flavored
with dried fruits, delicious desserts blended with rose water, must be tasted.
After seeing and photographing these works, each one of which is a masterpiece of calligraphy, we are heading for dinner to discover the
local tastes..

Kapama A kind of rice prepared with prey animals, lamb or chicken meat. It is served by baking in the ovenThe most important feature is the
addition of black pepper into cooking.The name comes from the method it was cooked in ancient times. In the old days, a lid and a wood
were placed on the tray to bake.this rice cooked separately from the top and bottom so it takes the name of the closure.
Hardaliye: It is a regional drink of Thrace that is prepared with vine leaves, mustard seeds and grapes. Strength, appetizing, blood pressure
balancer, circulation and immunity systems have regulatory effectsFor the dark color of hardaliye carefully selected papazkarası grapes are
crushed to break the crust, then, to prevent it from turning into wine and vinegar, it is placed in containers filled with vine leaves with
mustard seeds crushed to crack the bark.Then it is made ready to drink by filtration..

Gaziler Helvası: It is a kind of flour halva prepared by using flour, sugar and butter. It is flavored with honey in a way unique to Edirne.. in
Edirne,When the armies expedition , they are sent off with halva., When the armies returned from the expedition, they were met with halva
and halva was eaten with prayers. For this reason, it was started to be called Gaziler Helvas. It was served in traditional Halva conversations
in Edirne and became a traditional chat product.” The sweetening of halva and other products with honey and molasses is not just an
application for EdirneAll in Thrace, and even the old period kitchen applications made in the whole of Turkey.
DAY 3: We start the day with a breakfast worthy of sultans. We will taste the local Edirne Cheese.

Edirne Cheese: “special to edirne, It is a white cheese which is produced by using milk of the milk-giving animals, which are grown here. In
Edirne White Cheese production, sheep, goat and cow milk can be used alone or combinations of these can be usedThe feature of cheese is
that it has different aroma in different months. The reason for this is that the nutritional values of the milk of the animals fed with the
vegetation vary according to the months. The aroma of the cheese produced by the milk with different nutritional values is therefore different

We see the Great Synagogue of Edirne, which is the biggest synagogue in Europe, and we visit the Ali Pasha Bazaar where we can find
Edirne's famous marzipan, fruit soaps and ornamental sweepers. MARZIPAN WORKSHOP'. Almond Butter and Almond Cookie
Edirne almonds are very famous, therefore the almond desserts are also famous....
Just Almond, flour, sugar and water are used, but it is very demanding and requires mastery.

Deva-i Misk Tasting: 41 kinds of spices will not only taste as flavor, but also as a healing interest. Deva-i musk ordered to be brought from
Egypt for the improvement of the daughter of the Ottoman sultan. His story of being placed in a palace kitchen by a confectioner earns a
mystical air

After taking our lunch with the famous meatballs of Edirne, we move to Sarayiçi with our car. Old Palace ruins, Kırkpınar Er Square, Adalet
Kasrı, Kanuni and Fatih Bridges, Sarayici Balkan Cemetery and after visiting Sarayici, which is located between the two branches of Tunca
built by the II. Bayezid we are heading II. Bayezid darüşşifa. e there are mosques, madrasah, bimarhane, tabhane and soup kitchen After

visiting the Complex which includes the Museum of History of Medicine awarded by the European Union, we leave the center of Edirne We
reach our last stop, Kıyık Tabya which is 136 meters high .We visit the Şükrü Paşa Monument and the Balkan War Museum and complete
our tour with the view of Edirne. We’re heading to taste local flavors.
Coffee break in Karaagac: There are many beautiful tea gardens and cafes near the river Tunca, which is a branch of the river Meriç.After the
trip, the fatigue coffee will be drink here.The stream of water and the magnificent greenery of Karaagac will make you feel very peaceful.

Liver Wrapping: It is made of liver and lamb shirt it is an oven dish prepared with a mixture of liver and spices and wrapped in a lamb's
shirt. It is a very tasty taste. Edirne's liver food is famous

Piyaziye is stuffed onion with meatIt is among the stuffed ones that are frequently consumed in Edirne. The interior material is quite rich.To
be made with lamb meat adds a distinct flavor.

Mutancana, on the list of important meals. Mutancana is one of Ottoman dishes. It is stated that the Mutakana, which is a meat dish, is one of
the favorite dishes of Fatih Sultan Mehmet.A popular taste of Edirne. Almonds, which are found in almost every meal in Ottoman cuisine,
are also found in mutancana.

Mamzana is a kind of salad. Vegetables are roasted and served with yogurt poured. It has an appetizing appearance and odor. Roasted
vegetables give a magnificent fragrance.. A flavor consumed as a salad from Edirne.

Zirva, the palace dinner, is similar to mutancana food served to Fatih Sultan Mehmet.. It consists of meat and fruits. Lamb, dried fruit and
honey is a unique taste

One of the most famous delicacies of Edirne is a kind of dessert. Zerde is loved by all zerde is a complete palace, It is a complete
noble.It has legendary color and taste.. Tourists who come to Edirne must try the zerde. As mentioned, zerde is an Ottoman dessert.The

princes of Suleiman the Magnificent dessert was served in the circumcision feast of Shah Bayezid and Cihangir.

DAY 4: We will take the regional breakfast at the Meric River and then we travel to the district of Pınarhisar in Kırklareli.
After Pınarhisar Castle's magnificent view, of the molasses production and tasting in Poyralı village, mowe to demirkoy. The
lower and upper two caves are interconnected and river passing by from inside. We are visiting the Düpnisa cave where you
will be fascinatedlocal products shopping and honey tasting. We move to İğneada which is the coastal town of Thrace.
Lunch prepared with local dishes and KAÇAMAK WORKSHOP. After a trip to Longoz (subatan forest), one of the rare
wetlands in Europe, which houses Erikli and Mert lakes in İğneada,, Free time to walk on the Igneada beach and take photos
in the view of Limanköy. Arrival in Kıyıköy. We are walking along the coastline with spectacular views, see the castle and
old houses and taste local dishes at dinner

Poyralı Molasses: It is a kind of beet molasses specific to Kırklareli. Beet molasses made by traditional methods in the village of Poyralı is
well known throughout the countryPoyralı molasses produced in Poyralı Village of Pınarhisar district of Kırklareli province has darker
consistency and sharper aroma than other molasses. Uniform traditional beet molasses are produced in the local cuisine.

Demirkoy Honey is a quality honey in the nature of beech and oak trees, in the heart of the forests of Longoz, competing with the world
famous honeys


Capricorn / Lamb Roasted: It is a dish belonging to Kırklareli. Cut off capricorn, front legs and back legs are tied and put into the big salt and
passed to a stick and cooked in the tandoori for three hours.

Kuskus: Semolina is a kind of pasta made with flour and eggs. Couscous, which takes a lot of time to make, is one of the pasta types
prepared for winter. It is prepared like pasta dough. Prepared dough is cut into small pieces and floured brought into a very small ball shape.
Optionally dried or baked in sunny weather. It is then boiled in boiling water and served by cooking..

Molasses and Pumpkin ... Imagine the taste that comes when this popular duo of Kırklareli cuisine comes together. Pumpkin dessert; It is a
popular dessert of the local cuisine, with a crispy outside and soft inside. Pumpkin dessert, which has a very light taste, is consumed quite a
lot .It is also made as Zucchini Dessert with Molasses.

Kacamak: It is a different flavor that has taken its place in Kırklareli cuisine.Also known as Mamaliga. Kaçamak is a dish prepared by
cooking corn flour in a special way by adding various ingredients and serving hot.


Kalkan , which is especially identified with Kıyıköy, salads, appetizers, squid, shrimp, pavurya, mussels, buffalo yoghurt, desserts, dibek
coffee, etc. are among the tastes to be tasted..
Kırklareli Cherry: Over time, the city has become the symbol of Kırklareli and city commemorated as the City Cherry of in recent times.
Since 2013, festivals are organized on behalf of each year.
The most beautiful cherries are exhibited and various competitions are organized at the ah Karahıdır Cherry Festivals Kırklareli Cherry
which has become a brand in time is very popular with its flavor
Vineyard Products: Kırklareli has been known for its vineyards and drink obtained from vineyard products throughout the history.Thrace
Region; especially Kırklareli is located in the world in time suitable for viticulture.Kırklareli, Turkey's grape production and Vineyard
products drinks production is one of the very important place. Grapes grown in Kırklareli are fermented to produce vineyard drinks. These
drinks, which have become a culture of Thrace, are exported to many countries in the world.When mention of Vineyard products; mustard,
wine, vine leaves, grapes pickled, grape molasses products come to mind.
Strawberry: Strawberry grown in Kırklareli has a special place in Thrace and has become a brand with its quality.
Kırklareli has the best strawberry growing area due to its natural conditions, the most suitable structure for strawberry production and low pH
rate. Demirköy Çilek Festival has been held since 1982 in Demirköy district of Kırklareli.
Strawberry plantation and with taste strawberries are introduced.
DAY 5: We will start our flavor tour after breakfast in which we will taste local products.Tekirdağ and the towns of Tekirdag and vicinity
have settled in farms and brought their own culinary culture.In the face the rich culinary culture local people of the region, they have
preserved their own culinary and food cultures. As a result, there is a wide accumulation of flavor in and around TekirdağThe most famous
product of this flavor accumulation is Tekirdağ Meatball On the first day of our trip, we will get information about the construction and
presentation in Tekirdağ Meatballs Workshop and we will taste Tekirdağ Meatballs at lunchToday, we will taste Tekirdağ Rakı We will also
taste Tekirdağ Bozası on the Street Flavors tour.We will also visit one of the sausage factories in Tekirdağ. Rakoci`s Museum House, Namik
Kemal House and Monument and Rustem Pasha Complex other places to visit.. For dinner, we will taste local specialties..

Hayrabolu Dessert: In making hayrabolu dessert, lots of cheese, eggs, flour and semolina are used. Optionally, it is served with tahini, cream
or hazelnut.

Bulama: Although it is used as a highly preferred breakfast product in the Thrace Region, it is mainly consumed as dessert in all main and
intermediate mealsIts color varies from light yellow to brown and is a type of solid molasses grapes are used as the main material..

Boza: It is a winter drink that is produced and consumed quite a lot throughout the Thrace Region. It is consumed as an effective preventive
and energizer on cold winter days. Boza construction; grits, sugar and water are used. There are high amounts of minerals and vitamins..
Boza; is in the category of high nutritional value and healthy drinks. It contains the nutrients required by the body such as iron, phosphorus,
zinc, calcium and vitamin A when serving, optionaly roasted chickpeas, cinnamon or hazelnuts may be used.
DAY 6: we will taste the local products at breakfast Turkey’s to the county with the longest coastline Şarköy we start our trip. Situated along
the long shores overlooking the Marmara Sea, this charming district is famous for its vineyards. For this reason, the main topic of our trip
today is pleasure, more pleasure. ... We start our tour with a short walk on the shore of Sarkoy and a photo break. At our next stop, we go to
the vineyards and facilities and do wine and cheese tasting... After visiting the winery, we visit the viticulture museum where old tools used
in grape production are exhibitedAfter leaving the museum, we take our lunch where local delicacies are served. Here after enjoying our
meal with pleasant chats we leave Murefte.. We are taking a short photo break in Uçmakdere Village of the region. After a short break here,
we watch the Marmara Sea, Marmara Island and the high cliffs that are paragliding and then we return to Tekirdağ.

DAY 7: We will taste the local products at breakfast and then we will depart for the airport..
What will you taste?
• Leaf Liver
• Trilice
• Marzipan
• Deva-i Misk
• Hosguvar Cookies
• Veterans Halva
• Stuffed liver
• Edirne Cheese
• Kuskus
• Hardaliye

• Piyaziye
• Kapama
• oak honey
• Hayrabolu Dessert
• Dibek coffee
• Poyralı molasses
• Turkish rakı
• Thracian Appetizers
• Kaçamak
• Tekirdag Meatballs
• Tekirdag Bulaması
• Boza
• Zerde
• Sausage
• Wine Types
• Bulama
• Turbot Fish
And others ... ...You won't forget these tastes!
What will you experience?
• Leaf Liver Workshop
• • Almond Butter Workshop
• Kaçamak Workshop
• Tekirdağ Meatball Workshop
• Spice Bazaar tour
• Wine Tastings
• Cheese Tastings
• Turkish Raki Tasting
• Taste tastes of Ottoman Palace Cuisine
• Street food tours
• Experienced professionals to guide you
• Learning the secrets of Turkish cuisine from the best masters
• Delicious food at local and high quality restaurants
• Local breakfasts
• 6 nights
• Airport transfers
Festivals to be organized according to the tour schedule:
55. Tekirdag International Cherry Festival
Tekirdag / center
Date: 01.06.2019
29. Hayrabolu Sunflower Festival
Tekirdag / Hayrabolu
Date: 16.08.2019
47. Babaeski Agriculture Festival (watermelon)
Kırklareli / Babeski
Date: 09.08.2019
3. Demirkoy Municipality Strawberry Festival
Kırklareli / Demirköy
Date: 30.06.2019
9th International / Edirne Bando and Liver Festival
Address: Edirne Edirne / center
Date: 17.05.2019 -19.05.2019
Malkara Agriculture and Dairy Products Festival