Detailed Tour Program


Tour Description:

DAY 1: Welcome at the airport and settling in the hotel .
Panoramic city tour
Dinner introducing Hatay cuisine in a local restaurant (ashur, tray kebab, oruk, appetizers and salted chicken etc vs)
Anthony Quinn said If you don't meet God in Jerusalem or Hatay, you won't find him anywhere else. He also stated that
Hatay is a special land for many religions.

The exquisite Hatay specialty.A different flavor that will surprise you: Among the waiters, it is called breaking chicken to
serve this dish beyond the taste and bring it to your table.

DAY 2 We are going to Batıayaz village for breakfast in the of Hatay which has the title of table of civilizations. After a
wonderful breakfast in the garden among the green trees and the warm winds that aren't never missing, a tandir and peppered
bread workshop for a village trip and breakfast. You make tandoor bread and peppered bread with your own hands, which are
indispensable for local breakfasts


Then we go to visit the ancient Hatay Archeology and Mosaic Museum.

After visiting the Archaeological Museum, we visit the large Antakya park.. It is quite enjoyable to visit Antakya Park, which
is as big and natural as possible by the Asi River.
Then for lunch, we head for the north hill to experience traditional meat dishes and appetizers with the world's most varied
Kuzeytepe: It is an area with ancient restaurants that make the most beautiful meat dishes and appetizers of this beautiful
ancient city.. You will experience unique flavors.. (Humus, abagannuş, salted yogurt, walnut tarator,, çökelek ezmesi, olive
öfeleme, broad bean salad, zahter salad, künefe etc...)

Then we will go to see the cave where the ancient St.Pierre Church of Antioch is located SİNCE THİS CHURCH İS


After a nice walk along the coast of the Asi River, we will go to Sultan Sofrası where we will taste local delicacies for
dinner.Here we will taste great flavors. (Pepper with Walnuts, Kaytaz Pastry, Broad Bean Mashing, Çökelek Salad vs)

Then we will go to the hotel.
DAY 3: we will go to iskenderun Petek Pastanesi to experience a nice buffet breakfast brunch and great tastes. Honeycomb
pastry shop is a very, very important for shop Hatay and Turkey. Desserts, pastries, layers, katmer, cookies, baklavas, Halep
desserts, local flavors, drinks etc. everything is perfect with one word..

We will have a nice breakfast on the beach where we will taste the local delicacies under the shade of the tree..

After breakfast, we will visit the historical Payas Castle and Dörtyol First Bullet Museum.

Afterwards, we will visit citrus orchards, one of the symbols of Hatay. And in the jam workshop we will make Turunç jam.

Then we will go to visit Iskenderun Maritime Museum..

We will have our lunch in a nice restaurant with local appetizers by the sea. We will experience the Mediterranean seafood
(Lagos fish, etc.).

And the historic Arsuz Church: Mar Yuhanna Church (Aziz Vaftizci Yuhanna Church, Eglise Saint Jean-Baptiste, Mar
Youhanna al-Maamadan) was built by the apostles who settled in Arsuz to promote Christianity.. (Shrine of Virgin Mary,
Santuario Saydé)

Afterwards, we will go on to experience traditional flavors and especially the shish kebabs for dinner..

After this nice dinner we will have a nice walk on the coast of Iskenderun. And then we go to hotel..
DAY 4 : We continue to taste the wonderful flavors of Hatay. After making our traditional breakfast, we will visit Turkey's
Vakıflı village , the only Armenian village. You will experience the natural and historical beauties with the knowledge.And
you will taste the exquisite wines


Afterwards, we will go to see the historical HABİB-İ NECCAR mosque, one of the oldest in Antakya.. We will witness the
history and beauty of its construction.

We will go to Harbiye district of Antakya and taste the cheese fries , muhammara, mütebbel from the appetizers. you will
experience the famous paper kebab together with the freshly baked sesame pita bread.

Paper Kebab: Paper and pan kebab are made. the internal materials of both are the same., lamb meat , garlic, parsley and
pepper are used.. Salt, pepper and red pepper are also added.. The paper kebab, which is laid out on paper and aluminum, is
the pan kebab, which is spread out without paper and added tomato sauce.. The kebab is cooked in the oven and served .
Really delicious flavor, must be tasted.
Then we will set out for SamandağWe will go to see one of Turkey's longest beach. It is fascinating with magnificent
appearance and air. Samandağ’da, dünyanın en uzun kumsallarından, when the sun sets from the sea, you will feel good
when you swim in the water. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

and Samandağı pepper workshop, we will experience making red pepper flakes and pepper paste.

Samandag Pepper Unique, hard tasty and sufficiently bitter. The most important trio of Hatay is humus, baked bread and
Samandag pepper.

After the historical Antakya Spice Bazaar tour with our guests, we are going for the making of Kunefe... KÜNEFE
WORKSHOP. You will experience making kunefe of your own hands.


Kunefe: You will learn by surprise, a very different taste that you know and eat kadayıf is not made fresh and is made with
thick wire the before a day. The classic Samandag village butter should be salt-free and light yellow. The tray should be of
copper and medium thickness. There must be fire, coal fire and coal orange coal. Cheese, Antakya salted fresh cheese, must
be 50% degreased. There are also who use chestnuts cheese. But it is not preferred because it is like a stone when it cools..
When it comes to making, we lubricate the broken kadayıf and spread it on the copper tray that we lubricate. We put cheese

in the middle and put kadayıf on top and cook it over charcoal fire.. Then we pour the sherbet on the dessert, and we eat.

Then we take a nice walk along the rebel river.
In the evening, we go to the hotel where we will stay after a meal in a local restaurant, which serves local flavour

Day 5: For breakfast, we will go to a nice place where we will taste the local delicacies.

After breakfast, we will go to see the three thousand-year-old Moses tree, which is believed to have been planted by Moses.

Then we will see the old houses and streets of Antakya.

Then we go to Belen for lunch..

BELEN PAN: it is the most expensive of numerous Hatay delicacies .you can't get up without finishing this meal. This is
the dish of meat roasting made with special spices and sauces.. You should taste this flavour of Belen district of Hatay.

After we will go to the Mediterranean olive groves and to watch the production of olive and olive oil.. And we will give our
guests a chance to produce in OLIVE - OLIVE OIL WORKSHOP.

After the olive and olive oil, we go to the historical Anatolian restaurant to taste the local dishes for dinner.
(Some of the local delicacies you will taste. Mumbar,sarma,stuffed,kısır, pumpkin dessert .KISIR WORKSHOP

PUMPKİN DESSERT: Crispy pumpkin dessert created by waiting in extinguished lime juice is served as dessert after dinner
in almost all restaurants in Hatay.On the crispy pumpkins, plenty of tahini and walnuts are added and presented..
After dinner we go to our hotel.
Day 6: Breakfast including local delicacies of Hatay, then transfer to the airport.
What will you taste?
• Pomegranate Sour
• Pepper paste
• Tomato paste
• Green olives
• Salted yoghurt
• Antakya Cheese
• Antakya çökeleği
• Kunefe
• Oruk
• Humus
• Fellah meatballs
• Muhammara
• Mutebbel
• Hettuş salad
• Peppered bread
• Kombe
• Paper kebab
• Zahter salad
• Spinach borani
• Surk
And others ... You won't forget these tastes !!
What will you experience?
• Tandır Bread and Pepper Bread Workshop
• Turunç Jam Workshop
• Pepper and Tomato Paste Workshop
• Kunefe Workshop
• Spice Bazaar tour
• Wine Tasting
• Olive-Olive Oil Workshop
• Kısır Workshop
• Street food tours
• Experienced professionals to guide you
• Possibility to learn the secrets of Turkish cuisine from the best masters
• Delicious food only in local and quality restaurants
• Gastronomic Bazaar Tour
• Local breakfasts
• 5 nights accommodation

Festivals to be organized according to the tour schedule:
• Hatay Kunefe Festival (21-23 July) Kunefe is held every year to be distributed to the public
• 4th Hatay Fig Festival Belen 11.08.2019
• 2nd Hatay Gastronomy Festival 2018
• Iskenderun Fish Bread Festival (March 28)
• • International Erzin Citrus Festival (November)
• Erzin Olive And Olive Oil Festival (15-16 October)
• Akçalı Egg Feast (March 30)
• Local Products Fair (April 18-23)
• Kırıkhan Liver Festival (14 May)
• Dörtyol Food Festival
• Altınkep Gastronomy Competition-Antalya-2017
Local Appetizers Competition-Hatay-2017